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Jack Frost Appreciation Post

Stupid. Fictional. Characters. 

So I watched Rise of the Guardians and I am super obsessed with Jack Frost. He is just mighty attractive. (More than the person I like XD) 

Here’s a spam of his super mega foxy awesome hotness. 


For icicle-frost

what an amazing spam c: 




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December Treats

Hey everyone! 

I haven’t been on here in a while but anyways! Hello how have you all been? 



Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it (haven’t checked the views) we have 1000 viewers! You all deserve a big hand and a pat on the back with a warm cup of Starbucks coffee! Almost 20 followers? That is great! J* and I expected this blog just a place for us to have fun and be ourselves and it is great that you check it out ^.^ 






Winter is coming round the corner! Whip out your fluffy sweaters, thick winter jackets and your fluffy Ugg boots! 

Personally, Winter was never my favorite season but I do enjoy lounging around at home and doing nothing. Though, my parents hardly turn up the heat so I am always really cold -.- 

Things I like about cold weather 

1. Watch movies all day 
2. Bake 
3. Drink hot chocolate, coffee or warm apple cider 
4. Snuggle up on the couch 
5. Watch it snow 
6. Go sledding 
7. Hang out with friends 
8. Build snowmen 
9. Practice my instruments 
10. Christmas parties 
11. Giving and receiving gifts 
12. Sweaters
13. Snow angels 
14. Charlie Brown christmas 
15. Sweatpants 
16. Hats 
17. Winter Break 
18. Christmas decorations 
19. Christmas cards 
20. Scarves
21. Snowball fights 
22. Family time 
23. Looking forward to the new year 

I hope all of these make you feel cozy ^.^ 

I am really looking forward to the new year since in December I am getting contacts and in February I am getting my braces off! It is going to be awesome! 

I hope for everyone who has Summer instead of Winter in these months that you enjoy it too! (I am jealous.) 

Hopefully winter can help me escape from my crazy and annoying life. 

I like this guy from my school and he found out. I heard that in my Spanish that my one friend screamed across the room and asked about me and people from that class think that we are dating. Though, it is the total opposite cause we hardly talk. 

Fantabulous. -.- 

Life is really confusing ok. 

PS. Have you been enjoying the Homeroom Games a Hunger Games school spoof I have been making? I have worked so hard on it! I have not gotten the chance to write Chapter 4, the beginning of a villain but I am up and doing it! My ideas are just flowing and I am so excited for it! 

*Bio update Check out About Randy page*

Thanks for reading xx 



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Here are some funny kingsley stuff! 😀




 (my fav!)

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YOLO, That’s the Motto!!

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by | October 7, 2012 · 9:47 pm

Help Me?

Ok, sadly I decided to look through alicexz’s drawings. and alskdjfgh; her drawings are so beautiful, it makes me think of how badly I draw and it made me all depressed. ANYWHO. Can you help me decide which one of these pictures too use? Cause I just cant CHOOSE. -.- 






A, B, C, D, or E? 

I will post a LOT MORE of her pictures! 

And J* I cant wait to see your project!! (edible food!) 



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Hunger Games Names!

So, I found this website which transforms names into hunger games names so I went along and did for all of my friends!

My name: Laurel Cronin

J*’s Name: Althea Inchcape

Fluttershy’s Name: Rupalia Keene

Pinkie Pie’s Name: Delphi Fairbain

Vicki: Sagitarria Redpath

Fresno: Iberis Combe

Well, thats all!


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Homeroom Games!

HUNGER GAMES! Who is excited for Catching Fire? I certainly am!

Well, this isnt about the Hunger Games! This is about the…Homeroom Games!

Ok, so Fresno and I were talking about the Hunger Games on facebook and then I said wouldnt it be cool if there as a hunger games in our school? And there it begun! We put people in various districts and make random alliances. I am District 8 but I think I belong there. My grandma says I can knit pretty well and I can kill people with SEWING NEEDLES! LOL.

So at school we have to “stab” the person by poking them in the back and we each have 3  lives every day. Everyone really goes after Jo* aha. But he stopped killing me, thank goodness!

Also, we made a group on Facebook so we can talk about this homeroom games and we post pictures. We have been trying to decide on a theme song. We are stuck between Wake Up Call, Chasing the Sun. 2 really good songs by Daniel, Fresno and my bands. Lol. Haha.

Well, my friend Jason and I have been trying to get a Hunger Games club in our school! I really hope it works because that would be so awesome! I would so love school then! Yeah 😀

Well, that is all!

See you all later! I am going to Dolris’ birthday party! Bye!


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I just cannot believe it! School is back! It feels like only yesterday I was coming home on the plane from London to America.

Summer really did fly by quite quickly but I have all the memories of it in my heart. I wish though I spent more time with my J*, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy and Vicki. It would have been more fun.

I am so excited but at the same time nervous and upset.

A) I am excited to see my friends again and have fun with them in school and make a bunch of weird memories in my classes and see everyone again.

B) I am nervous to see who will be in my classes and homeroom. PLEASE DONT BE PETE. I am also nervous for all the work and projects we will be getting. 8th grade won’t be a piece of pie.

C) I am upset cause’ I love summer and I want to sleep in to my hearts desire. I don’t want middle school to end. I don’t want to part with my fellow friends. It is going to be really sad.

Here are some funny school pictures!









There we go! I hope you enjoyed and are ready for school! Cause’ it is all mixed emotions for me!



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I just felt like posting up 10 facts you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I am very insecure about myself– I haven’t really ever felt good about myself. I have always called myself ugly, too fat and just in general bad things about myself. People would say oh I like your hair and your skinny. But I never reallt cared what people thought. I never thought I would never look good in my own eyes. That is what really matters, if you like how you look not everyone else. But until now I think that insecurity is fading away cause’ of my first boyfriend

2. I hate bananas- OK. I get a lot of comments on this one. I have never liked them. They have always tasted strange to me.

3. I am a die hard Skrillex fan- I know I know. My cousin Charith was quite suprised when I mentioned I liked Skrillex. I like the beat. I don’t like heavy metal cause’ it is like beat gone crazy or country/vocaloids. They both lack a stable and catchy beat. Techno music is fast upbeat and overwhelming. Definitely a powerful song to give you the energy for an exhilarating run!

4. I am very addicted to Tumblr- OK, so I have 2 tumblrs. My personal and my themed one. My themed one can change from time to time when I feel like changing up the attitude of the blog but my personal one is focused mainly on reblogging random stuff. Things I find interesting. It is so fun! I really suggest if you don’t have one that you get one! It is so addicting! And a fantabulous place if you are sad, depressed, heartbroken or any of the shorts. I mean people will flock to comfort you. It is a nice environment. Not as much drama stirring up like that stupid @PlasticBieber on Twitter. Ugh. I hate her! :/

5. I have always wanted either brown or red hair- I don’t know. I have always thought black hair was just soo boring. But to my skin complexion I would look really ugly with it. But I have always wanted that color hair! It is just soo pretty!

6. I hated the Twilight book- I know how people have been raving about them but I read the first book 3 years ago. It didn’t necessarily spark my interest. The middle was so bland that I just skipped. I didn’t have much patience. It was slow and laggy. The ending was OK, but I really didn’t feel like reading more books. It was just so cliche to me, I couldn’t go on with this terrible love story.

7. I am the Secretary for my SGA- Yup. I am a Student Government geek. Oh lord. But I love it. I ran last year and I so glad I got voted for the job! It is going to be an awesome year! I just like making a difference though our admin sucks..

8. I write in a diary- Oh please oh please donot judge me. It really helps get your feelings out!!

9. I used to think Tae Kwon Doe was a sport for men- Aha, I was a stupid young child.

10. My wrists feel empty without bracelets- I just donot know. When I dont where bracelets my wrist feels all weird and such. I think it has developed into a habit now. Well, I wear this one bracelet all the time. Either my Slytherin bracelet or my SWAG bracelet. But I like necklaces too 😀

Well, that is all! I hoped you enjoyed!! 😀


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Oh my!

I am in a FANTASTIC mood! To compliment my mood I am going to post some funny and yummy pictures!

Lalalalala (:










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