About Randy


Hai! The name’s Randy. 

I am a reserved yet friendly and kind writer who aspires one day to publish a book and become a doctor. I suffer a bad case of fangirlism which causes me to freak out over various things regarding the Hunger Games, Divergent and my other fandoms. I also sufer from Dysthymia. I am proud of my culture and who I am.

Some days I feel like my sunshine has been taken away.


NAME: Randy! (Ran-dee)

AGE: 13

BIRTHDAY: April 1rst

ETHNICITY: Sri Lankan, Part American and Australian!

GRADE: 8th grade

HEIGHT: 5 foot 1

STATUS: Lol nope.

FAV COLOR? Blue, any shade! It’s a gorgeous color!

FAV FOOD? Panera Bread, Baja Fresh and Chipolte.

FAV ANIMAL? Dolphins and Elephants

FAV ARTISTGreen Day, Skrillex, Ed Sheernan

FAV TV SHOW? Glee, Jane by Desgin

FAV WEBSITES? Facebook, Tumblr (Gosh it is extremely addicting..), YouTube,  (Instagram counts too..)

FAV STORES? Forever 21, Abercombie, Hollister, Garage, Bath and Body Works, Nordstrom,  Aeropostale, dELiA’s, Target (haha), Ulta, Best Buy (cause you gotta love electronics!!) and Amazon (that counts right. Cause I like to buy stuff from there..)

FAV NAIL POLISH BRAND? OPI, Orly, Sally Hansen, NYC Color

FAV BOOK? Percy Jackson, The Mortal Instruments, Infernal Devices, Lost Hero, The Clique, Hunger Games, Harry Potter, Divergent

SPORTS? I play volleyball, Tae Kwon Doe and tennis sometimes. But I really enjoy playing Field Hockey and watching football.

FAV YOUTUBER? NigaHiga, Charlieissocoollike, Shane Dawson, Jenna Marbles, Alex Day(Nerimon), The Fine Bros, D-Trix (Dominic), Kevjumba, danisinotonfire, Kingsley. I know I watch too many Asian and British YouTubers .-.

FAV SONGS? Hall of Fame by The Script, The Girl on Fire by Alicia Keys


9 responses to “About Randy

  1. Congratulations Randy…. You have officially out-done yourself.

  2. You are not as badly crushing as i am. Tht you must agree on.

  3. OF COURSE. Vicki.


  4. Hey Randy! Not sure if you remember me….haha I read your old-ish blog. 🙂
    I’m such a HUGE Divergent+Hunger games fan! (Team Finnick :)) Cute page!

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