About J*

Birthday: August 8th

LANGUAGE I CAN SPEAK: Chinese, English, and Spanish

FAV ARTIST: One Direction, Super Junior, PSY etc.

FAV COLOR: Sky Blue and Hot Pink

FAV FOOD: Chinese food!! (cuz im asian)

FAV ANIMAL: Bunnies and dogs. I have a dog named Oreo :3

FAV WEBSITES: My blog :D, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube

FAV STORES: Abercrombie and Fitch, Holister, Aeropostle, Icing, and a lot more.

FAV BOOK: Hunger Games Trilogy, Divergent series and some other random books

FAV SPORTS: Volleyball, Lacrosse, Badminton, Table Tennis, and others

FAV YOUTUBER: Nigahiga, Jenna Marbles, Kevjumba, Justkidding Films, Smosh

FAV TV SHOW: pretty little liars, make it or break it, switched at birth, doctor who, the lying game, jane by design, and some others


4 responses to “About J*

  1. You should make a name for yourself. Like Chinese Eyes… Lol! I am hoping that you know who I am… If you don’t ask Randy. By the way, my Internet name is Vicki. That is spelled V-I-C-K-I… Make sure you spell it with and ‘I’ at the end. I am very particular about that….. C u!!!! To get an idea of who I am, we annoy Fluttershy together….

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