Ahhhhhh Randy never got the time to write this, so it’s been a while….but here it is:


I woke up to silence. I would love to say that I had a magnificent night’s sleep but I didn’t. Joel and I had watched previous games with Jason to get possible strategy. But the only thing I absorbed was the traumatic death’s of the tributes. 
I walked in and Pinkiepie gave me a light smile. 
“Good Morning, Fluttershy! Eat up! The Games are today, I think this year we are going to have a Victor!” She chirped. That gave me lose my appetite but I decided to eat anyways. Joel and Jason were talking as if they had some secret language and it was really annoying me. But I just decided to ignore it. 
“So, any plans Jason? Or are you too drunk to function” I snapped, Joel held back a chuckle. 
“Stay alive!” Jason said with a hearty laugh. Joel and I shared annoyed expressions. 
“Okay, fine. Do not go to the Cornucopia!” He cried. That could be good use, I thought to myself. 
I met Fresno, my stylist. Maybe for the last time ever. It saddened me, I had grown attached to her. She had become a friend to me and I did not want to leave her. 
“Fresno. I am going to miss you. I really think we could have been great friends out of the Games. You are an amazing stylist.” I said with a frown. 
She finished helping me into what they had us wear to the games, it didn’t give me much of a hint what the arena was going to look like. “Fluttershy! I know you are going to come back alive, I can feel it. Don’t deny it. And do you want to wear your pin? I think I could be good luck.” She added. 
I nodded. “Yes, I would like to wear it.” I replied and she clipped it on. 
“You’re going to be District twelve’s winner. Never forget that.” She murmured and then we were transported in the hovercrafts. My heart beat like a drum, I did not know what was going to await me in the arena. I was not ready, I was not ready to fight. Kill. I was only born to survive, to help support myself. 
I smiled at J* and mouthed, “we’ll be fine.” She replied with an annoyed stare, well alright then. I was trying to be nice! Randy look scared out of her wits sitting in her seat staring at the ground. Daniel looked fine, he looked like he was ready to compete. Jake showed no emotion and the same with Miles. 
Joel looked awful, absolutely miserable, I noticed Daniel trying to talk some sense in him or was that comfort? I couldn’t tell entirely. 
The arena, was a forest. A bright smile played on my face. I was going to win, the woods were like my second home. 
Everyone dashed towards the Cornucopia, I desperately wanted to disobey Jason and run straight into it but I saw that he was right. The most killing went on in there. I winced as I accidentally stepped on a body, already. The mutlilated body was the body of the kind hearted and crazy girl I had met in training, Chye. I felt a sharp pain in my heart but moved on. Inside the Cornucopia, I saw a shining staff. My heart longed to go grab it and run but Jason warned me not to. I ran past and noticed a small pack, this could help. But one of the careers had other plans, she went to attack me for the pack but I kicked her in shin and ran off. 
Phew, that was a close one.


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