Jack Frost Appreciation Post

Stupid. Fictional. Characters. 

So I watched Rise of the Guardians and I am super obsessed with Jack Frost. He is just mighty attractive. (More than the person I like XD) 

Here’s a spam of his super mega foxy awesome hotness. 


For icicle-frost

what an amazing spam c: 




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7 responses to “Jack Frost Appreciation Post

  1. Aha!!! So you do agree with me! Jack Frost is HOT!!!!!! Ha ha

  2. FairyWinkle

    Guys, he is a super sexy zombi-ghost-spirit-elf-dead corpse-(sex)god whatever and i like it. Seriously, sexiest teen ever. He even breaks the limit of being sexy with his sexy sexyness. Man, hes a sexual sexy babe. So sexy… I know, Too many ”sexy”

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