I just felt like posting up 10 facts you probably didn’t know about me.

1. I am very insecure about myself– I haven’t really ever felt good about myself. I have always called myself ugly, too fat and just in general bad things about myself. People would say oh I like your hair and your skinny. But I never reallt cared what people thought. I never thought I would never look good in my own eyes. That is what really matters, if you like how you look not everyone else. But until now I think that insecurity is fading away cause’ of my first boyfriend

2. I hate bananas- OK. I get a lot of comments on this one. I have never liked them. They have always tasted strange to me.

3. I am a die hard Skrillex fan- I know I know. My cousin Charith was quite suprised when I mentioned I liked Skrillex. I like the beat. I don’t like heavy metal cause’ it is like beat gone crazy or country/vocaloids. They both lack a stable and catchy beat. Techno music is fast upbeat and overwhelming. Definitely a powerful song to give you the energy for an exhilarating run!

4. I am very addicted to Tumblr- OK, so I have 2 tumblrs. My personal and my themed one. My themed one can change from time to time when I feel like changing up the attitude of the blog but my personal one is focused mainly on reblogging random stuff. Things I find interesting. It is so fun! I really suggest if you don’t have one that you get one! It is so addicting! And a fantabulous place if you are sad, depressed, heartbroken or any of the shorts. I mean people will flock to comfort you. It is a nice environment. Not as much drama stirring up like that stupid @PlasticBieber on Twitter. Ugh. I hate her! :/

5. I have always wanted either brown or red hair- I don’t know. I have always thought black hair was just soo boring. But to my skin complexion I would look really ugly with it. But I have always wanted that color hair! It is just soo pretty!

6. I hated the Twilight book- I know how people have been raving about them but I read the first book 3 years ago. It didn’t necessarily spark my interest. The middle was so bland that I just skipped. I didn’t have much patience. It was slow and laggy. The ending was OK, but I really didn’t feel like reading more books. It was just so cliche to me, I couldn’t go on with this terrible love story.

7. I am the Secretary for my SGA- Yup. I am a Student Government geek. Oh lord. But I love it. I ran last year and I so glad I got voted for the job! It is going to be an awesome year! I just like making a difference though our admin sucks..

8. I write in a diary- Oh please oh please donot judge me. It really helps get your feelings out!!

9. I used to think Tae Kwon Doe was a sport for men- Aha, I was a stupid young child.

10. My wrists feel empty without bracelets- I just donot know. When I dont where bracelets my wrist feels all weird and such. I think it has developed into a habit now. Well, I wear this one bracelet all the time. Either my Slytherin bracelet or my SWAG bracelet. But I like necklaces too 😀

Well, that is all! I hoped you enjoyed!! 😀



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