League Of Legends (LOL)

Ok, so i have been playing LOL a lot, not that much right now, but mostly during winter break. It is a really fun game. And people get addicted easily :3 

here’s the website to sign up from 




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Ahhhhhh Randy never got the time to write this, so it’s been a while….but here it is:


I woke up to silence. I would love to say that I had a magnificent night’s sleep but I didn’t. Joel and I had watched previous games with Jason to get possible strategy. But the only thing I absorbed was the traumatic death’s of the tributes. 
I walked in and Pinkiepie gave me a light smile. 
“Good Morning, Fluttershy! Eat up! The Games are today, I think this year we are going to have a Victor!” She chirped. That gave me lose my appetite but I decided to eat anyways. Joel and Jason were talking as if they had some secret language and it was really annoying me. But I just decided to ignore it. 
“So, any plans Jason? Or are you too drunk to function” I snapped, Joel held back a chuckle. 
“Stay alive!” Jason said with a hearty laugh. Joel and I shared annoyed expressions. 
“Okay, fine. Do not go to the Cornucopia!” He cried. That could be good use, I thought to myself. 
I met Fresno, my stylist. Maybe for the last time ever. It saddened me, I had grown attached to her. She had become a friend to me and I did not want to leave her. 
“Fresno. I am going to miss you. I really think we could have been great friends out of the Games. You are an amazing stylist.” I said with a frown. 
She finished helping me into what they had us wear to the games, it didn’t give me much of a hint what the arena was going to look like. “Fluttershy! I know you are going to come back alive, I can feel it. Don’t deny it. And do you want to wear your pin? I think I could be good luck.” She added. 
I nodded. “Yes, I would like to wear it.” I replied and she clipped it on. 
“You’re going to be District twelve’s winner. Never forget that.” She murmured and then we were transported in the hovercrafts. My heart beat like a drum, I did not know what was going to await me in the arena. I was not ready, I was not ready to fight. Kill. I was only born to survive, to help support myself. 
I smiled at J* and mouthed, “we’ll be fine.” She replied with an annoyed stare, well alright then. I was trying to be nice! Randy look scared out of her wits sitting in her seat staring at the ground. Daniel looked fine, he looked like he was ready to compete. Jake showed no emotion and the same with Miles. 
Joel looked awful, absolutely miserable, I noticed Daniel trying to talk some sense in him or was that comfort? I couldn’t tell entirely. 
The arena, was a forest. A bright smile played on my face. I was going to win, the woods were like my second home. 
Everyone dashed towards the Cornucopia, I desperately wanted to disobey Jason and run straight into it but I saw that he was right. The most killing went on in there. I winced as I accidentally stepped on a body, already. The mutlilated body was the body of the kind hearted and crazy girl I had met in training, Chye. I felt a sharp pain in my heart but moved on. Inside the Cornucopia, I saw a shining staff. My heart longed to go grab it and run but Jason warned me not to. I ran past and noticed a small pack, this could help. But one of the careers had other plans, she went to attack me for the pack but I kicked her in shin and ran off. 
Phew, that was a close one.


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sorry that i haven’t posted in awhile. Randy was busy, so she took a long time writing….

Chapter 8
By: Randy
*Fluttershy’s POV* 
To be honest, I was not excited at all for the interviews. Joel had been avoiding my lately and I have nobody to talk to. Jason is crazy and drunk as usual. Then, Pinkiepie won’t shut up about manners and how to make friends. The only person I was excited to see was fresno, my stylist. 
I came out of my room and began my breakfast. Jason’s face was in his food. Erika frowned. 
“JASON! GET UP! ITS OUR TRIBUTES INTERVIEW TODAY! DON’T MAKE ME START PLAYING  K-POP ON YOU.” Pinkiepie screamed and Jason jumped up in his seat automatically awake. I rolled on the floor laughing so hard and Joel just walked in to Jason’s face covered in food, Pinkiepie in the middle of yelling and me on the floor laughing. As you could tell he was quite confused. 
“I sleep in and this is what happens?” He asked. 
“Well, Jason was sleeping and Pinkiepie was threatening him to wake up.” I said. 
“So do you have any advice for us in the interviews?” Joel asked. 
“Talk.” Jason said cockily. I rolled my eyes, really? 
“Ok fine. Try and make friends.” He said. 
“But it’s hard for me…” I said. 
“THEN THATS YOUR PROBLEM. ” He replied cackling. 
“Ignore Jason. Just be nice and talk a lot! Like overly and take an angle. Joel, you seem like a caring and nice person so take that angle and you Indy. You seem like a quiet and artistic person so try and show that. And show your manners!” She exclaimed wagging her finger. Joel and me stuffed our food in our mouths and used the table as napkins. Pinkiepie looked like she was going to throw up. 
After breakfast we met our stylists. 
The stylists groomed me and then Fresno came in. 
“Hi Fluttershy!” She said with a smile. 
“Hi, so what do you have in mind?” I asked. She paused for a moment. 
“It is a surprise!” She exclaimed. I frowned, I never liked surprises but since it was Fresno I guess I had to go through it. 
Fresno helped me in my dress and she curled my hair letting it cascade down my shoulders and put a couple of hair pieces. 
“Okay. I think I am done.” She said. I peered in the mirror and saw almost a different girl. She was beautiful, it couldn’t be me. The dress Emily had designed was beautiful and elegant. It was a strapless red dress with a beautiful bodice, the bottom of the dress reached my ankles. 
“It is so beautiful, Fresno.” I said and gave her a hug. 
“Wait, at the end of the interview don’t forget to spin around.” She said. 
“Why?” I asked. 
“See for yourself.” She said with a smile. I spun around and almost fell over but the bottom of the dress seemed like it was on fire. 
“That is amazing! You are truely talented!!” I exclaimed and it was time for the interviews since I was last I got to listen to a couple of interviews. I was really intently listening to my two biggest targets, Miles and Jake. 
Bradley: So, I heard a girl from district 12 won last year, did you have any relationship with boy who died?
Jake: Yeah I did Well…. It depends on which one
Bradley: that district 1 kid?
Jake: He was my brother
Bradley: oh well i am very sorry
Jake: yeah
Bradley: what is your strategy to winning the games?
Jake: Step one. Kill. Step two. Dont get killed
Bradley: very straight forward haha!
Jake: What else is it supposed to be. Now you tell me something, who are the runts from 12
Bradley: maybe alliances? hm, well alright. There a couple of tributes from 12
Jake: start talking
Bradley: okay. The girl on fire. She’s Fluttershy, quite brave. Tried to fight for her sister. Apparently, she is a hunter
The other kid. Joel Lee. A quiet bakers son.
Bradley: what do you think of the capitol
Jake: I dont have any complaints
Bradley:yes very nice! well, good luck to you!
Jake: I dont need luck. As long as me and Samantha make it to the end

Wow, that was an interesting interview…

Bradley: Hi Miles how are you?
Miles: Good. Motivated.
Bradley: What is your strategy in the games?
Miles: Kill J*.
Bradley: Why J*?
Miles: She doubts my abilities.
Bradley: Do you plan on make alliances? And if so, with whom?
Miles: Easy. Indy and Jake.
Bradley: Why those two?
Miles: They are my friends and I trust them.
Bradley: Who is your biggest threats?
Miles: Fluttershy and Jake. But alligning with them is the best thing.
Bradley: Who do you think is strong?
Miles: Me, Jake, Fluttershy, Randy, and J*
Bradley: Any last words?
Miles: If I dont win, I will make it hard for anyone else.

My lips curled into a frown. No way was Miles going after my annoying sister and killing her. If he wants to kill her, he has got to go after me first.

“IFluttershy?” A voice called. Well, I guess it was my turn.

“Hi how are you” Bradley asked. 

“Im ok.” I replied.

”Who is your biggest threat in the games?” Bradley asked. 

“Easy. Its Jake. He has something against the district twelves, and he looks pretty strong.” I replied. 

“Interesting. Will you make alliances?” He asked. 

“Yeah. I have one with Joel, J*, Daniel, and Randy.” I said though I was considering breaking it off with my sister and leaving Randy, J* and Daniel. I didn’t want my sister to be hurt.

“Whats your strategy?” He asked curiously. 

“To survive.” I said simply. 

“Thats straightforward. Final thoughts?” He replied. 

“May the odds be ever in my favor-but wait!” I said. 

“What’s that?” He asked. I stood up and spun the dress encasing me in flames. I stumbled but stood up tall. The audience chuckled. 

I guess I was pretty proud of my interview but now it was time to get real serious. Let the Homeroom Games begin.

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Jack Frost Appreciation Post

Stupid. Fictional. Characters. 

So I watched Rise of the Guardians and I am super obsessed with Jack Frost. He is just mighty attractive. (More than the person I like XD) 

Here’s a spam of his super mega foxy awesome hotness. 


For icicle-frost

what an amazing spam c: 



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Randy made a post a few days ago saying we got to 1000+ viewers on our blog, BUT GUESS WHAT? WE HAVE 2000+ VIEWERS. I love all the people who read me and randy’s blog. I really appreciate it.






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by | December 1, 2012 · 10:59 pm


Chapter 7
By Jake

*Fluttershy’s POV*

After the challenge everyone was uneasy. This was the lowest amount of 
people to ever go to The Homeroom Games. 
“Congratulations tributes!
Jake and Samantha of Dsitrict 1!
Victor of District 3!
Daniel and Randy of District 5!
J* and Bradley of District 6!
Ruby of District 7!
Miles and Vicki of District 8!
Chris of District 9!
Chye of District 11!
And Fluttershy and Joel of District 12!
The chariot rides are coming up soon.” An announcement said
We were all just sitting there, looking at eachother. Wondering who
would make it out on top.
“You know guys, I just wanted to say even though we are fighting eachother,
I still will remain your friends till the end.” I said
“That sounds just like a twelve.” Jake replied
“What is that supposed to mean?” I responded
He got up and left. Samantha left after him.
“They are going to be my first target.” Daniel said
I went out in the hallway, seeing Jake clutching onto a picture.
It was a boy.
“Who is that?” I asked
“Its my brother.”
“He looks familiar, I mightve known him Jake.”
“Everyone knew Alexander. He was Alexander the Great.”
Jake once again left.
“Wait! I know I’ve seen him! Wait!” I called
No answer. He just walked away.
The chariot rides, everyone was paranoid. Everyone remained seated.
I tried to find J*, but there was no sign of her.
Randy was busy getting ready, so I looked for Daniel.
No sign of him.
But all of a sudden, Jason approached me.
“You need to make yourself stand out. Make yourself noticed.” He said
During the chariots they just flew by and were applouded. Everyone
remained seated and quiet… But then it was my turn.
We passed by.
“Stop!” I yelled
It came to a hault, and the crowd was silent.
“This game…. This time! It will be won by a twelve! Just like the
girl before me!” I yelled
Jake walked out
“No twelve will defeat me…”
I was the only one who heard him.
He has another motive.
Who is Jake?

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Chapter 6
*Jake’s POV* 
I remember it as clear as yesterday, the day my brother died. As a child I have been very exposed to the Games. If you win your a legend a remarkable hero if you lose you die and along with your pride. 
My brother Alexander was my hero. I looked up to him, he was my best friend and I aspired to be him. Everyone knew he was coming home, it was definite. He was strong and destined in to win. 
It was the top 4. Just three more tributes from coming home. His district partner died. Just a district 12 girl, another career and a boy from district 8. The slim girl snuck up behind him with a knife poised in her. I wanted to scream, “Alex! Watch out!” but it was too late she plunged the knife through his back and he died. Later the girl won the games but I heard that she just

 couldn’t deal with being a mentor. Deep in my heart I had a resentment for district 12, I knew if I were reaped, I would target the two from district 12 and avenge my dead brother. Whatever the costs. 
My mother went into a depression and hardly even walked nor talked. My father took full responsibility of the household and worked long hours. 
District 12, ruined my life. 
I walked into the booth proud and smiled at my friend Samantha. One look at her and you thought that she was innocent and sweet but behind all that she was killer and quite talented with throwing knives. We went through Career training together and even though she is a year younger than me we have become really good friends. 
The light shined down on her but she didn’t scream but smirked. 
The same happened today, I let out a grin. I’d been reaped for the 74th Homeroom Games. Goodbye district 12 tributes…. 
I shall defeat you. 
Your last words will be you begging me not to kill you..

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December Treats

Hey everyone! 

I haven’t been on here in a while but anyways! Hello how have you all been? 



Oh my gosh! I can’t believe it (haven’t checked the views) we have 1000 viewers! You all deserve a big hand and a pat on the back with a warm cup of Starbucks coffee! Almost 20 followers? That is great! J* and I expected this blog just a place for us to have fun and be ourselves and it is great that you check it out ^.^ 






Winter is coming round the corner! Whip out your fluffy sweaters, thick winter jackets and your fluffy Ugg boots! 

Personally, Winter was never my favorite season but I do enjoy lounging around at home and doing nothing. Though, my parents hardly turn up the heat so I am always really cold -.- 

Things I like about cold weather 

1. Watch movies all day 
2. Bake 
3. Drink hot chocolate, coffee or warm apple cider 
4. Snuggle up on the couch 
5. Watch it snow 
6. Go sledding 
7. Hang out with friends 
8. Build snowmen 
9. Practice my instruments 
10. Christmas parties 
11. Giving and receiving gifts 
12. Sweaters
13. Snow angels 
14. Charlie Brown christmas 
15. Sweatpants 
16. Hats 
17. Winter Break 
18. Christmas decorations 
19. Christmas cards 
20. Scarves
21. Snowball fights 
22. Family time 
23. Looking forward to the new year 

I hope all of these make you feel cozy ^.^ 

I am really looking forward to the new year since in December I am getting contacts and in February I am getting my braces off! It is going to be awesome! 

I hope for everyone who has Summer instead of Winter in these months that you enjoy it too! (I am jealous.) 

Hopefully winter can help me escape from my crazy and annoying life. 

I like this guy from my school and he found out. I heard that in my Spanish that my one friend screamed across the room and asked about me and people from that class think that we are dating. Though, it is the total opposite cause we hardly talk. 

Fantabulous. -.- 

Life is really confusing ok. 

PS. Have you been enjoying the Homeroom Games a Hunger Games school spoof I have been making? I have worked so hard on it! I have not gotten the chance to write Chapter 4, the beginning of a villain but I am up and doing it! My ideas are just flowing and I am so excited for it! 

*Bio update Check out About Randy page*

Thanks for reading xx 



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this spoof is written by Fluttershy, she wasn;t suppose to write one, but she did anyways.


Thanksgiving Homeroom games Spoof:
Today is our first thanksgiving since the Homeroom games. We decided to go to Jason’s house since he is all alone for the holidays. I feel bad for him. Fluttershy and Daniel are outside hunting for wild turkeys to cook. It’s good that they are spending more time together, but it’s obvious that things aren’t the same between them. Daniel still acts like a jerk around me. He calls me noob under his breath all the time. I can’t blame him for that though. Indy’s mother and J* are setting the table. I think J* is cute. She is very bossy though. My parents aren’t coming over. Things are too complicated with my family and Fluttershy’s family right now. Jason is sitting on the couch drinking beer. Happy holiday for him. Everyone is trying to get him to stop drinking. But it’s basically useless. Surprisingly Erika, Fresno, and Katherine, my stylist, came over. They brought the best Capitol food. Erika is trying to

 get Jason washed and keeps yelling at him.
“You need to get a hold of yourself!” Yelled Erika
“Calm down sweetheart, it’s the holidays.” Laughed Jason, still drinking his beer.
Randhika and I are going to bake pies and later I will make rice. Since she loves mangos we decided to bake a mango pie. Randhika and I have become really close friends. We talk a lot now about almost everything. She is really cool. 
“Wait so how many cups of flour?” Asked Randy
“Two.” I said with a laugh.
“Oh. Hey how is everything with you and Indy?” She poured the flour in the bowl.
“Everything is fine.” I started to break eggs. Everything is weird between Fluttershy and I, in a different way than between Fluttershy and Daniel. But I didn’t want Randy to know.
“Mmmkay.” She said with a sigh.
Fluttershy and Daniel came inside with the turkey. Randy and I left the kitchen so J* and Fluttershy’s mom could cook it. A few hours later we sat down to eat. Erika went on and on about fan fiction she is writing and Daniel who got a new calculator. Indy just sat there though. I feel bad for her too. Everything has changed. I passed her some chocolate cake Emily brought just for her. Fluttershy has always loved chocolate cake. She grabbed for it and said thanks. Over all it was a fun night. Randy’s dad, the mayor, came by later to say hi. He has very important business though so he couldn’t stay long. Randy was a little sad today because her mom wasn’t here. So Indy and I tried to cheer her up.
“Randy, it’s fine. You know she loves you.” Fluttershy said.
“I know. I just miss her.” Randy started to cry a little.
I hugged Randy and Fluttershy left to check on everybody who were in the other room. 
When she came back she yelled.
“Joel what the heck! You ate all the rice!”
All three of us broke out into laughter. Then Daniel came looking confused. He started laughing too. For about 5 minutes we were all laughing. Then Jason passed out because he was so drunk. 
We all went home after that, but it was a pretty good Thanksgiving.

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Chapter 5
By Jake 

*Fluttershy’s POV*
After a day of waiting they finally let us out of the room.
I looked around at the other tributes, and was very scared for J*.
J* was in the same district as Lorenzo, and he is the biggest guy
And Jake seemed to worry me too, he isnt the strongest. But he can out
think a lot of people.
My only true loyalty was with Daniel S, Joel, J*, and Randy
Our friend Pinkiepie came in the cell.
She escorted us to the sitting hall.
You could tell alliances were forming.
“Tributes! I have wonderful news!” The principal announced
“Your letting us go?” Jake replied
The tributes all chuckled
“No. Ten of you will not compete in the Homeroom Games.”
The tributes looked around. That had never happened before.
That would only leave 14 people.
“But now to give you advice, a mentor. Please welcome, Jason!”
Jason walked out of the back room. He looked over the people like
they were his kids.
“Tributes. Congratulations on being selected. You all know the rules.
You will kill, or be killed. Your best friend could be your worst enemy.
And your worst enemy…. Could be your alliance.”
I noticed Daniel S starting at Randy. Something must be going on…
“But I am here to show, you will compete in an endurance competition.”
Everyone once again looked around confused.
“Its very simple. You will hold yourself up using two poles over 100 feet 
above the ground. Ten of you will fall, you ten…. Dont expect to live.”
I got nervous, not for me. But for J*.
“You have twenty minutes. Get prepared” Jason said as he walked off
Everyone was nervous. They knew they had to fight.
You needed upper body strength.
Jason approached me afterwards.
“All you need to do is make it past this part right here. If you can do that
I will be your mentor for the Homeroom Games. You dont need to worry about
too many people. Good luck.” Jason said to me
We were all set up. The wires were released. And we were just left.
Hanging there. For our lives.
At first it wasnt hard, but after the first five minutes people started
struggling. Especially J*.
I didnt know exactly what was going down, but I feel like Jake was making
deals with people.
After 5 minutes, Armani fell. 
Then Henry fell. Then Belle fell.
Everyone was saying how scary this was.
Looking down everything looked like ants. Hearing the screams of
Henry, Belle, and Armani was petrifying. 
After 20 minutes, Alejandro must have slipped. I wasnt really paying attention.
I looked down at the end, Joel and Jake were goofing off. They looked like
they werent even struggling! 
After about 25 minutes, we saw Abi let go. We were all quiet, because we 
knew she really wanted this.
An announcement was sent by The Principal.
“There are only five left to be killed. Now lets… Make it rain.”
Water started pouring on all of us, making it slippery.
Instantly Bailey let go. Then Sarah let go.
Only leaving 3 people left to fall.
After about 30 more minutes, Brandon fell. 
Everyone looked at Jake, because he was in shock.
Jake just looked infuriated.
After 10 more minutes, Daniel L fell off.
I looked down at the end. I saw Jake and Lorenzo talking.
I didnt catch what Jake said, but all I know is…
After Jake said it…. Lorenzo let go.
Leaving 14 of us. Ten had been killed.
We were let in.
“Miles, Vicki, Chye, Fluttershy, Joel, Jake, Daniel S (Now only being referred to
as Daniel), Randy, Victor, Sam, Bradley, Ruby, J* and Chris.
You fourteen will battle it out in the Homeroom Games. Good luck tributes!”
I looked around, everyone was surprised…. Especially Jake.
It doesnt matter at this point. I know I can make it from here. 
I have to give it my all. 
I can do this.

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